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One of the most unique things about our singing is that the music is “a capella,” meaning we sing without the accompaniment of mechanical instruments. This practice is not merely a preference, but a matter of faith.
Ephesians 5:19
Colossians 3:16

Lord’s Supper:

If you visit on a Sunday, the Lord’s Supper will be included in our worship. Every individual member assembles with a local congregation to proclaim the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. This is according to the practice we read in the New Testament.
Acts 20:7


Many prayers will be offered in our worship services. The prayers are led by the men of the congregation.
Acts 4:23-31
1 Timothy 2:12


The preacher does not have a title. He is not referred to as Pastor or Reverend. He is usually referred to as brother or by his first name, because all brethren are just that—brethren. He does not wear special clothing to distinguish him from any other member. The Bible teaches that all members are equal.
1 Peter 2:12


Our contribution is only taken on Sunday. We do not solicit money from our visitors. The work in Knox City is supported by its own members free will offering.
1 Corinthians 16:2

The People:

What kind of people can you expect to find when you visit the Knox City church of Christ? You will find just a group of Christians who strive to love God and one another. A group that is committed to following all of God’s commands by which we are to live by.

Church of Christ
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